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ISK-Support EWSD

Technical support

Technical support EWSD/hiE9200

Our technical support services are aimed at bringing seasonable aid to the Customer’s personnel while solving problems that may occur during maintenance and operation of equipment, software, and the whole system. The technical support provides high readiness capabilities of telecommunications equipment and maintenance cost optimization..

The Company offers you the following services during the warranty period and after the warranty expires:

Technical support EWSD / hiE9200

Depending on competence, expenditure, and the network complexity and accountability, the above list can be shortened or extended. The Company offers a flexible approach to suites of service offerings and always takes into account the Customer’s wishes while aligning the maintenance service level.

Our specialists are the top of their profession. They have many years of experience with installation, adjustment, and technical support of telecommunications equipment on sites of Rostelecom, MGTS, MegaFon, MTS, Equant, and many other Telecom Service providers. The qualification of our specialists is confirmed by numerous certificates issued by equipment manufacturers. Engineers of our technical support are based in Izhevsk, Moscow, Novosibirsk and Saint Petersburg, so they can cooperate with communications service providers in different time zones and, if necessary, arrange on-site visits quickly to solve severe problems.

Our Company uses an automatized system for submitting and processing applications (Help Desk) for technical support services. Our Customers can get information about the current status of accepted applications at any time; they also can be informed in detail about the workflow and measures taken by technical support engineers to solve the problem.

The Technical lab of the Company is located at our head office in Izhevsk, provided with testing equipment including different software versions according to those in the Customers’ networks, and with necessary measurement instruments and processing equipment. The lab offers opportunities to simulate various fragments of real network function and to identify errors in the equipment performance remotely.

The repair facility of the Company (Company Repair Centre) has high productivity and covers all requirements completely. Thanks to implementation of original algorithms and techniques with the use of specialized auxiliaries, the Centre offers a consistent multi-level repair and testing procedure for inoperative equipment made by different manufacturers. To enable quick replacement of inoperative equipment in emergency cases, we have established the standby storage of equipment modules and components available in sufficient quantities and assortment for maintenance of attended systems.