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For skill upgrading of employees of the Communications service provider, classes are held at training premises at the head office of the Company; different courses concerning maintenance and operation of cross-connect systems and access equipment are available. Methodological, technical, financial and administrative support is provided to learners.

The training goal is to provide learners with all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for independent, effective and meaningful work of technical employees with telecommunications equipment. We offer training (advisory services) concerning the following technologies:

Training is done in the following technologies:

EWSD Technologies (specialist, technician, ТАС1 engineer)

EWSD, advanced level (engineer-TAC1 TAC2)

Technology Surpass (specialist, technician, engineer TAC1)

OKC7, interoffice communication (specialist, technician, engineer TAC1)

Management EWSD, Surpass (Specialist, Technician, Engineer ТАС1)

The training is conducted by certified specialists of the Company who have extensive hands-on experience with the disciplines they are teaching on the basis of EWSD Classic, hiE9200 and hiS700 training stations where different software versions can be installed.

In addition to lecture notes, learners will have a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in modules replacement and diagnostic, stations management and recovery, installing software patches and many other important operational measures which cannot be practiced on an existing network station.

Our Training Center has undoubted advantages due to its practical orientation, great technological capabilities and highly qualified teachers.

If teachers are sent to the Customer, lecture notes get adjusted to specific properties of the existing configuration of a station or a station network. During training, if technically possible, we enable users to connect remotely to test stations of our service center.

The study program can be adapted to your specific requirements and wishes.

Feel free to ask questions concerning the organization of training, contact us by phone +7 (3412) 57-27-22 or by e-mail

We shall be happy to answer any questions you may have.